“Green-Up” Your Beauty Routine

January is my scheduled month to go through my cosmetics and personal skin care items. I try to discard anything I haven’t used for a year as well as products with an expiry date. Most cosmetics and skincare products have a 1 – 3 year shelf life. In addition to the cosmetics and skin care products, […]

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My Favorite Fitness Motivators

This year, I am determined to lose this pesky weight that I’ve been carrying around since being diagnosed with an auto-immune. The Prednisone added 24lbs to my weight in a two week period!! Couple that with the 10 I needed to lose…well, you get the picture!! Find a trainer who will guide, inspire, and work […]

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Dream Big

Have you ever dreamed of getting the perfect job that really utilizes all of your talents, ideas and direction? …dreamed of going on an African Safari with your family? .. or dreamed of owning your own private plane? One activity I suggest to all of my clients is creating several vision boards at the beginning […]

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Planning for the Holidays

November marks the beginning of the holiday season, which I love! To avoid stress during the holidays I take time to carefully plan the next 8 weeks with themed lists. I find that planning ahead helps tremendously. Here is a peek at my schedule: Thanksgiving List: 1. guest list 2. menu 3. food list a. […]

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