A Creative Connection Between Art and Healing

This past week I was rushed to the hospital after enjoying a lovely shrimp and avocado salad. I’ve eaten this dish at this particular restaurant many times. That evening I felt a little itch, but did not pay much attention to it. I awoke around 3ish itching everywhere and my face felt funny. I got up, walked into the bathroom and turned on the lights….. OMG!! My face, lips and tongue were swollen. My body covered in hives. I freaked out!

I immediately woke my husband much to his surprise he gasped as he saw my face. We both fumbled to get our clothes on and to race to the closest emergency room.

Upon arrival the nurse receptionist saw my face and immediately called for the attendant to get a room ready for me. Of course I had to fill out some paperwork and sit in the waiting room. The waiting room was sterile and cold. People were waiting to be called, an ambulance pulled in with all sirens still going and I was sitting there wide eyed and scared.

Once I was called into my room, which was freezing and overly bright, I was asked to strip and put on a hospital gown and lay on the bed. The room was small and depressing…walls were beige, lots of medical equipment and 2 fold up chairs.

I spent the better half of the morning being treated and watched to make sure the swelling was going down. In those hours I thought about a friend of mine who is trying to change the hospital experience for those who have to spend hours in the ER or days/weeks in a hospital room.

Colleen Darby, Buffalo New York native and accomplished artist is on a mission to share was she has learned about the connection between art and healing.

Out of her artist in residence experience she has developed a couple products to help patients relieve stress and find inner peace through creativity.

Her first product is a Mandala kit. These kits can be used by anyone who desires a creative way to de-stress and be transformed into a meditative state. The other product are Land Escapes. These wall sized sunny landscapes can be adhered to the walls of any hospital room to create a room with a view.

Listen to my show to hear more about Colleen and her creative ideas to help you find inner peace!