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Healthy Living with Patti Green is an fun, engaging & educational weekly radio show. Patti, along with her guest experts and celebrities, share tips to motivate and inspire you to lead healthier, happier lifestyles. Listen, laugh and learn as she and her guests chat about food, health, fitness, beauty & fun!

Welcome Message From Patti Green

From the Couch to Crossing the Finish Line: Interview with Alison O’Brien of JWalking Designs

A Creative Connection Between Art and Healing: Interview with Colleen Darby

The 5 Sneaky things that sabotage your health & wellbeing: Interview with Teri Goetz

Do You Procrasinate? I Do! Learn Why and How: Interview with Randi Bale

How Feng Shui Changed the Flow in My New Home!: Interview with Anjie Cho

Guest Post-Are You Treating Social Media as an Afterthought?: Interview with Nika Stewart

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Bring Out the Goddess in You: Interview with Grace Lee

4 Do’s and Don’ts to Stop Arguments with Spouse: Interview with Midori Verity