Planning for the Holidays

November marks the beginning of the holiday season, which I love! To avoid stress during the holidays I take time to carefully plan the next 8 weeks with themed lists. I find that planning ahead helps tremendously.

Here is a peek at my schedule:

Thanksgiving List:
1. guest list
2. menu
3. food list
a. order specialty items from farmers
3. wine list
4. table scape
a. check linens, glasses, plates, platters, silver etc.
5. musical entertainment
6. server/bartender

Work-out schedule:
The holidays make it easy to pack on the lbs, if you’re not careful.
I schedule training session 3x per week
I enlist 2 – 3 friends to do cardio with me daily. We make a pack…no canceling!

Weekly meal planning:
Every Sunday I prepare several meals for the week in advance. I know the days I’m going to a party, work function etc. and plan accordingly eating lighter on those days.

I prepare:
2 broth based soups
6 salads
6 containers of cut up veggies
4 – 6 pieces of baked/broiled chicken or fish
1 tray baked veggie lasagna or chicken casserole

Holiday Gift List:
I have a loving husband, 2 sons, 2 sisters and 3 nephews. And I send food gifts to aunts, my mother-in-law, and other acquaintances.

Holiday Card List:
Several years ago I created a spreadsheet with names & addresses.

It’s also very important to take care of you. Schedule me time” appointments over the next 8 weeks. Depending on your budget try and schedule;

Weekly manicure
Massage 1 – 3 times
Facial 1 – 3 times
Pedicure 1 – 2 times

Go through your closets and check all your holiday wardrobe, shoes, stockings etc. Make sure garments are clean and wrinkle free.

Avoid stress and start putting your seasonal plans together early!

Download my free planning sheets to make things even easier!

Happy Holidays!