A personal planning system for every season!Do you want a rock your health, wellness and overall well being? Planning is key!!

By using my new 12 month Seasonal Planning System you’re bound to get the results you want and enjoy life to it’s fullest. The 4 seasonal planners motivate, inspire and guide YOU to get back into a healthier lifestyle while enjoying the rhythm of each season.

Many of us make resolutions in the New Year, but fall off track as the days and weeks go by.The 4 seasonal planners make it easy to pick up at any season and set 30, 60 and 90 day goals that you can attain. Plan your life!! Failing to plan is planning to fail!

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Seasonal LIfestyle Planners

Planning is key when making meaningful changes to your lifestyle. The organized seasonal planners include motivational quotes, journaling pages, seasonal recipes and suggested activities in the “move-it”, “do-it”, “rock-it” , “write it” and “eat it” categories. Each week I encourage, guide and inspire you to enjoy the rythmn of each season.
The motivational categories are:
Chew-It – Eat it! Be Healthy! Nourish your body! Get focused!
Move-It – Get pumped, Get going! Stay motivated! Move your body!
Rock-It – Unleash your power!! Look, feel and be your best every day!
Write-It – Have a vision!! Plan your day! Journal your success!
Do-It – Manifest your dreams! Tap into your creativity! Have fun! Add spice to your life!
Free PDF Weekly Planners by Patti GreenSTART NOW!
Download our free pdf’s below to plan your week accordingly. Use colored pencils, markers, or stickies to put your creative stamp on the planner. Then add the pdf’s to your planner to maximize your success. We are offering 4 different planner sheets for your weekly workouts, meals, leisure, and wardrobe. Enjoy!!

By making simple incremental changes towards better health, wellness and lifestyle, you will succeed meeting goals long-term. Use the system as a planner and a journal. The key to success is planning!! Don’t you want to live an awesome life and rock your health, wellness and overall well being? Planning is the key!! The Seasonal Lifestyle Planning System can help you create the life you want! Have fun! Be kind to you! If you fall off the wagon, just get back on track the next day. If you stick with the journal system each month you will get results!!Get ready to live life to it’s fullest adopting a healthier lifestyle!

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