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I invite you to work with me and my AWESOME team of experts who will motivate, inspire and guide you to create an AWESOME LIFE!

The Ultimate Plan and Live an AWESOME Life coaching program is customized to meet your personal needs and goals. We look at your life holistically and educate you about the benefits of adopting a healthier lifestyle and reinforce the importance of balance as it relates to: Career, Creativity, Communication, Feng Shui, Relationships, Organization, Personal Style and Finance!

We work with you one on one to help you create a more fulfilled and AWESOME LIFE! Do you want to live a healthier, happier more fulfilled life?

Plan and Live an AWESOME Life is YOUR ANSWER!!


Health & Lifestyle Expert – Patti Green  |  Relationship Expert – Hilary Silver

Creativity Expert – Colleen Darby  |  Style Expert – Tania Storl

Organization Expert – Randi Bale  |  Career Expert – Justine Clay

Communication Expert – Judy Cohen  |  Home/Feng Shui Expert – Angie Cho