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No one plans to fail. They just fail to plan.

This simple, powerful motto inspired Patti Green to launch her global movement Plan & Live An Awesome Life.

As a coach, radio host, and speaker, Patti’s spent the last decade talking to women about where they’re feeling stuck and how to create powerful action by shaking up their beliefs, behaviors, and habits, and creating a powerful plan of action.

Patti’s simple planning tools – combined her transformative life coaching and mindset mentoring – has revolutionized thousands of women’s lives from autopilot to awesome.

Patti and her Awesome Life Dream Team speak to and share their secrets, strategies, and success stories for how to Plan & Live An Awesome Life.

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Patti Green is a Board Certified Health Coach who helps her clients develop a deep understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for them and help them implement lasting changes. Building on her success, she has hand picked a team of nationally known experts to join her coaching staff. Each team member offers motivation, guidance, inspiration and the tools needed to live life to it’s fullest. Her AWESOME team include experts in: Career, Communication, Creativity, Feng Shui Finances, Organization, Personal Style and Relationships. Patti is passionate about inspiring and supporting women to live a purposeful life!

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