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Plan & Create Your Awesome Life!

Have you lost sight of you who are?
Have you put everyone else’s needs before your own being a caretaker for others?
Do you remember what you’re truly passionate about?
Do you want to have a more fulfilled enriched life?

Now is your time to get an AWESOME team behind your dream, turn your vision into action, and LIVE life to the fullest!

I am offering a FREE 4-part Podcast Series with the Awesome Team: 16 tips to create your awesome life!

You’re just seconds away from creating the AWESOME life you deserve!

Let me and my AWESOME team motivate and inspire you as they share simple steps that you can take to live a more authentic and fulfilled life! My nationally recognized team will cover the elements that can positively or negatively impact your life!

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We cover topics that include:
• health & wellness
• creativity + vision
• career
• communication
• relationships
• organization and more!

The 16 Secrets of living an AWESOME Life with Patti Green and her AWESOME team! Live No-Cost Training podcast.

During this content-rich audio podcast series, you’ll discover:

• 4 Steps To Create Your Awesome Life Vision!
• 4 Steps To Awesome Communication & Relationship Success!
• 4 Steps To Embody Your Awesomeness!
• 4 Steps To Awesome Organized Financial Freedom!

Join in and listen to Patti Green and her AWESOME team of experts motivate, inspire, and guide you to live a more fulfilled life. You will learn tips on creating your AWESOME Life!

4 Steps To Create Your Awesome Life Vision
Creative Vision Expert: Colleen Darby
Feng Shui Expert: Anjie Cho

4 Steps To Awesome Communication & Relationship Success
Communication Expert: Judy Cohen
Relationship Expert: Hilary Silver

4 Steps To Embody Your Awesomeness
Celebrity Stylist: Tania Sterl
Career Expert: Justine Clay

4 Steps To Awesome Organized Financial Freedom
Organizational Expert: Randi Bale
Financial Planning Expert: Sondra Payne & Linda Banks

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