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We take pride in doing our due diligence researching different cities to find “the best” venues and services that complement our clients needs to ensure they enjoy their travel experience. Our goal is to provide quality service to save “planning” time for the busy business executives and leisure travelers,” says Green.

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Health & Lifestyle Branding coach, Patti Green has designed a “unique” concierge service to assist the busy health conscious traveler locate health and wellness venues and services which help keep them healthy while away from home.

The “Fit & Well Traveler” concierge service, a new offering from “Healthy Living with Patti Green”, provides travelers with a customized dossier of select health and wellness venues and services, as it relates to each client’s “requested” services while traveling. Everything from fitness activities, culinary preferences, and restrictions, as well as spa and beauty services and any wellness need the clients has requested while traveling.

Whether you are looking for best “spinning” class in Paris, a vegan restaurant in Idaho, or a healthy business lunch for a business meeting in San Francisco, the “Fit & Well” concierge staff will find “the best” places to suit every clients needs and ensure they have a healthy experience while traveling.

Many people find it hard to stay on a healthy track while traveling, however, the “Fit & Well Traveler” concierge service will ensure that all of your health and wellness needs will be taken seriously when they compile your personalized travel dossier! Her background as a health coach, concierge and international event planner gave her an amazing foundation which led to the creation of the “Fit & Well” concierge service.

Contact “Fit & Well Traveler” concierge staff, via Healthy Living with Patti Green she and her staff will help you will all your health & wellness travel needs! Or contact us via phone: 716.479.5925 or 1.888.292.1991

“Most clients want more than a hotel gym to keep them “on track” while away from home with their regular exercise routine. In light of all the new boutique fitness studios popping up, we try to locate specialized studios that offer anything from Power Yoga, Spinning/Soul Cycle, Pilates-reformer, Bikram Yoga, TRX, Boot Camps etc. These spots seem to help keep individuals motivated. In addition, we arrange for a personal trainers to meet clients at their hotels and take them for an outdoor work-out or run while exploring the city!”, says Green

For those clients with dietary issues such as food allergies, a gluten intolerance, have special dietary needs, or farm to table interests…Patti and her staff do extensive research to ensure the recommended dining establishments are clean, use quality ingredients and provide great service. To take one step further, Patti will personally contact the restaurant chef or manager to review the special needs of her clients.

SIMPLE AS 1,2,3,4
– Contact our offices with via e-mail or phone
– A concierge will forward a travel itinerary outline for you to fill out and send back
– A concierge will get back to you to review via phone
– A personalized Fit & Well dossier will be sent to you

Prices start at $19.95!!