Holiday Survival Tip: Plan and enjoy the 4th of July weekend without guilt!

July sparks the official start of summer activities for me and my family. We love spontaneous road trips, an annual visit to Martha’s Vineyard, visiting friends at their beach home, a family reunion, as well as summertime activities at home. I enjoy many warm weather activities including, golf, tennis, SUP (stand up paddle boarding), hanging at the beach, hiking and more!

Often times, it’s a challenge for me to balance my healthy lifestyle routine with all the fun activities summer has to offer. It seems as though food and drinks revolve around all activities! By planning my activities calendar weekly and being mindful, I’ve been able to stave off weight gain. My weekly mantra, “Failing to plan is planning to fail” keeps me on track.

Here are some of the things I do to survive the 4th of July and the summer!

  1. Commit to my work-out’s. My weekly routine includes a trainer 3x, tennis clinics 2x, golf 2 – 4x, and a couple cardio classes. Working out with a partner keeps me in check.
  2. Don’t wear loose fitting clothes all week. Wear fitted clothing to keep you conscious of your food and drink intake. Your waistband knows!
  3. Get your sleep!! I like to go to bed early without any electronics on.
  4. Hydrate! Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Enjoy more water on hotter days as well as days that you “kick-***” on your work-out’s
  5. Enjoy eating light breakfasts, snacks, and lunches.

    For breakfast, I prefer a green smoothie, protein shake with fresh berries or egg white omelet with veggies. Lunch is typically a fresh garden salad with or without a piece of protein, homemade summer veggie soup, or another green smoothie or shake. I love gazpacho soup with avocado slices and crab or shrimp!

    If I’ve been mindful all day, I simply enjoy myself at dinner. I’ll indulge enjoying small amounts of my favorite 4th of July foods like chips, 1/2 hot dog or burger, and a glass or 2 of wine. I make sure to enjoy plenty of fresh veggies and/or a large fresh garden salad as well.

  6. If you’re invited to a party, bring a healthy dish that you will enjoy. I’ve been a guest at parties where there were NO healthy choices, and found myself picking spinach out of a cheesy dip for a veggie choice. As a part of my “hostess gifts” I bring several large bottles of water like Aqua Panna, Saratoga, Perrier, or Evian. I pour my water into a pretty wine glass, if available.
  7. Have a strategy! When planning your weekly calendar, choose 3 – 4 days where you can enjoy one meal to enjoy and indulge in without guilt. Keep it simple and healthy at all of the other meals.
  8. If you like to drink alcohol, enjoy in moderation. Have one or two glasses of water in between each alcoholic beverage. Alcohol has so many empty calories that easily pack on the pounds! Be responsible!
  9. If you are on the road during the day, carry a smaller insulated cooler bag filled with healthy snacks.  I love cucumbers, hummus dip, bottled waters and fresh whole fruit. I sometimes fill a canning jar with gazpacho, my favorite cold soup.  You’ll be less likely to pull over for a fast food hunger attack.

Happy Fourth of July!!