Emotional Eating: Nourishment, Habit or Entertainment?

During the cold snowy days of winter do you gravitate towards preparing and enjoying hearty meals like; pot roasts, chili, deep dish lasagna, or stews? Do you have a habit around 3ish to find that tasty piece of chocolate or grab a vanilla latte? When you get home from work do you love to remove your shoes, pour a nice glass of wine or a cocktail and just sit on the couch for a few minutes before starting your evening?

Those are just some examples we are going to discuss today on the topic of emotional eating and our relationship with food!

This week our guest is Hilary Silver. She’s earned a masters in social work and is a licensed clinical therapist. Her passion lies in helping courageous individuals live an inspired and intentional life they love. Her inspirational methods teach people how to be more authentic in their relationships, to boldly make choices that honor who they really are and to speak their truth in the world.

Listen in as Hilary Silver shares her philosophy on the importance of being mindful about our relationship with food.  Do you eat for nourishment or entertainment? Download her free (pdf) gift: Hilary’s 5-minute Pre Meal Ritual (a quick meditation for intentional eating) – Hilary Silver 5 Minute Meditation