Dream Big

Have you ever dreamed of getting the perfect job that really utilizes all of your talents, ideas and direction? …dreamed of going on an African Safari with your family? .. or dreamed of owning your own private plane?

One activity I suggest to all of my clients is creating several vision boards at the beginning of the year. Creating a vision board that you can see everyday motivates, inspires and guides you to make choices that move you closer to your goals or dreams. I realize that purchasing a plane may cost more than your annual salary, but, you never know what might transpire to make that dream come true!!

Several years ago I created a vision board with the logo of a dream car, a car that 007 drove….guess who is driving one now!

Have fun with this activity!! Make a night of it and invite some friends over to do this. Have each guest bring 5 – 10 lifestyle magazines, 2 – 4 glue sticks, 3 – 4 large pieces of poster board and scissors.

Enjoy the night chatting with friends about your dreams and goals.  You’ll be surprised that your friends that might be able to help you and others at the vision board party. Just by “putting it out there” helps bring your dreams closer to reality!!

Make one board for your dream lifestyle, career, relationship, vacations etc….DREAM BIG!

Have fun, be creative and enjoy life!!

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