“Green-Up” Your Beauty Routine

January is my scheduled month to go through my cosmetics and personal skin care items. I try to discard anything I haven’t used for a year as well as products with an expiry date. Most cosmetics and skincare products have a 1 – 3 year shelf life. In addition to the cosmetics and skin care products, […]

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How Feng Shui Changed the Flow in My New Home!

My husband and I purchased a small condo in Florida to escape to due to the crazy winters we experienced in Buffalo over the past couple years. We selected a unit that was owned by an eclectic fashion designer who used the condo as a gallery and event space for his million dollar art collection. He […]

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Do You Procrastinate? I Do! Learn Why and How

How does the word procrastination resonate with you? Immediately, I think of all the things I should be doing!! Organize my closet, clean out the freezer, make the beds, finish my work related projects, take the recycling, call my aunt, do the laundry…and the list goes on!! Most of us procrastinate for one reason or […]

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How My Healthy Diet Almost Killed Me!!

If you read last week’s blog, you know I spent several hours in the emergency ward because of a bad reaction to, what we think, is shrimp. That frightening experience led to a lot of thought….and WHY!! Once I was settled in my bed with all my cozy pillows to rest from all the medication and […]

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