Are you a successful woman who looks GREAT on paper, BUT you’ve…

• Lost sight of you who are
• Put everyone else’s needs before your own
• Spent decades being a caretaker for others
• Forgotten what you’re truly passionate about

Deep down, you know there’s something MORE for you. You just can’t quite get the clarity you desire or find the motivation you deserve so you can…

• Eat healthier
• Look and feel better
• Love your career
• Enjoy your relationships more
• Save more money
• Feel connected to your creativity
• Experience more balance
• Have more fun
• Live your Awesome Life of your own design

If you’re nodding your head while reading this, don’t despair. You’re not alone.

It’s time to STOP doing it all alone and START receiving the support of an expert team to live your dreams!

It’s time to STOP waiting, wishing, and wondering when your Awesome Life will show up and START creating it for yourself!
Introducing Patti Green’s Creating a Beautifully Balanced Lifestyle Coaching Programs

Listen and learn about my awesome team and the programs we offer

A Note From Patti…

Dear Amazing Woman,

When was the last time you felt truly awesome – about yourself, your career, your friendships, your body, your bank account, your love life? Chances are, if you’re “winging” your way through life, you may experience plenty of fun along the way, but you probably aren’t achieving your deepest dreams, hopes, and ambitions.

It’s not that you can’t live the dream life you imagine. It’s just that you won’t live it from the space and place of wishful thinking.

Think about the areas of life you have already achieved tremendous success in. From getting your dream job or landing that awesome promotion to losing the weight and keeping it off to attracting your dream man and experiencing true love…

These awesome experiences probably didn’t magically happen in your life. More than likely, you manifested them to you through powerful intentions, meticulous planning, and daily actions. Just like you plan a vacation or a wedding, planning your Balanced Life is the ONLY way to ensure it’s actually awesome!

If this is your year to improve your health and wellness, you’ll want to plan your food for the week, your workouts, and get plenty of sleep. If this is your year to find love or improve your relationship, you’ll want to schedule time to become relationship-ready or nurture your current love life. And if this is finally the year you’re going to look and feel better about yourself, you’ll want to move your body, plan your wardrobe, and dress the part.

This is how to Create a Balanced Lifestyle.

Before I tell you more, I need to ask you that same question I asked before. When was the last time you felt truly awesome – about yourself, your career, your friendships, your body, your bank account, your love life?

If it’s been while, let me remind you what living an Balanced Life feels like.

You feel elated, on top of the world. You become a magnet for the opportunities and people you’re meant to experience and know.

A natural flow enters your daily life. You elevate the positive, and effortlessly diffuse the negative.

You see setbacks, missed opportunities, and difficulties for what they really are – blessings in disguise.

Doesn’t that sound fantastically awesome? (It is!)

Here’s something else that’s truly awesome. It takes a team to build your dream. I’ve assembled a Beautifully Balanced Lifestyle Dream Team to help you.

Do you want to join a community of like-minded women who are all committed to planning and living their awesome life – with the help of me and my Awesome Life experts? Then my 90 Day Awesome Life Group Program is tailored to you and your needs! Budget-friendly and results-driven, this group program connects you to a powerful community of like minded women all ready to turn team work into dream work!

Whether you decide to enroll in my group program or upgrade to VIP status, in just 90 days you can expert to:

  1. Enjoy access to selected experts
  2. Identify the key areas of life you’re struggling in
  3. Know where you’re headed
  4. Create an action plan to transform your life
  5. Experience a better sense of self
  6. Shift from imbalance to balance
  7. Live a more mindful life
  8. Have the tools you need to bring balance into your life
  9. Enjoy more fulfillment every day
  10. Be more on purpose
  11. Lose weight and look great
  12. Have more love in your life
  13. Shift from visioning to implementing on your big and small dreams
  14. Have a plan for living your Awesome Life
  15. Once and for all KNOW what your beautiful life looks like – and how to create it

*payment plan options available upon request

our coaching staff• Career • Creativity • Feng Shui • Finances • Health, Fitness, & Wellness • Organization • Relationships • Communication • Style/Personal Branding

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All you need is to do is decide which level of support you deeply desire.

When you enroll in my 90 Day Plan & Beautifully Balanced Lifestyle Coaching Program, you’ll have access to:

  1. (1) weekly group call with one featured expert to share strategies, tips and ideas plus Q&A
  2. 90-day support in a private Facebook page
  3. Weekly exercises provided to facilitate transformation and change
  4. Weekly email check-in for added support
  5. Discounts on all Healthy Living programs and products

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Enroll in 90 Day Group Plan

Are you ready to receive 1-on-1 support from my Beautifully Balanced experts for a full 90 days so you can fast track your success? Then you’ll want to upgrade to become one of my 90 Day Awesome Life VIP Clients!

When you upgrade to VIP status, you’ll receive:

1. Your Beautifully Balanced Life Plan
You’ll kick things off with a private strategy session with me to determine your program goals and create your Awesome Life Plan.
2. Private Mentorship with 4 Selected Coaches
Following your private strategy session, you’ll receive a customized 90- day schedule.
3. Private Strategy Sessions with Each Coach
As a bonus to your program, you’ll receive support and guidance from our financial team to help with financial planning.
4. Weekly E-mail Support
5. Weekly exercises, suggested reading and other materials supplied to support transformation


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