The 30 Day Detox Program:
Do you want to; Have more energy? Sleep better? Have brighter eyes? A glow to your skin? Detox/cleansing programs can be a great health benefit to individuals who lead a busy lifestyle! Cleansing can be as simple as increasing your water intake, and getting more sleep, it does not have to be complicated and involve tinctures, sweat lodges and enemas.

This is a REALISTIC 30 day program that allows individuals to “jump in” as newbies or detox cleansing pro’s! The program has been created to give you the flexibility to incorporate the recipes & meal plans that fit into your lifestyle! You EAT on this program, however, there are some days that you can choose to “juice only”.

I will share some helpful tips and information that can make your journey more enjoyable. Invite a friend to take the journey with you to share this amazing journey!!

boxed veggies and fruits
For $195, you will receive:
– 2 30-minute phone appointments with health coach
– (1) health history review (2) personalized program follow-up
– 30-days of online support
– Cleansing Program guide via e-mail which provides and overview of the program
– Simple Detox Guidebook via snail mail
– Passcode to “get started” on the 30 day program
– FREE newsletters for 1 year
– Discount on the better body cleanse fresh pressed juice program
– Discount on all health coach services

Register for our Premuim Package for $395 which includes all of the above plus:
– Weekly check-in 30 minute phone appointments for the 4 weeks
– Daily check-in via e-mail, text or phone
– One month follow-up support to include: (3) weekly 30 minute phone appointments and additional recipes
– Journal
– Dry Brush
– Personalized follow-up program

Each week you’ll recieve a “week at a glance” e-mail to help you with grocery shopping/meal planning and other helpful information about the week to come as well as daily e-mails filled with tips and more information to keep you motivated. These emails will have 6 different sections of information to help you get back on track to health!

i-eat: recipes and food related information
i-rock: fun, inspiring activity suggestions to help you get back to the “core you”!!
i-believe: daily inspiring messages
i-move: exercise ideas, explanations, tips & information.

There is not a “one size fits all” program. It is up to you to “cut and paste” the ideas presented and create a program that fits for you! Be sure to check with your physician before you begin this or any new program. When you make a commitment, stick to it!! If you fall off the wagon…..get right back on!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

*never start any dietary or exercise program without consulting a physician! the program is only a guide and not meant to be interpreted as medical advice