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If you are looking for an on-line partner to help motivate, guide and inspire you to stick with your New Year resolutions and goals, let me, my AWESOME team and guests help you live the AWESOME life you deserve.

You will have access to my private 12-Week Free Plan and Live an Awesome Life Facebook Group to celebrate your accomplishments, share different strategies that have worked for you, and much more. You will be a part of a community who’s members are committed to taking a 12-week journey to accomplish goals. Whether you want to lose 15 pounds, save money for a vacation, make a career change or any goal to create a more fulfilled and balanced life, this community is here to motivate you!

You will also gain access to my monthly Periscope videos for insights, tips, and advice. In addition, listen to my podcast, Healthy Living with Patti Green, for even more information on health, communication, food, business, and more!

The program starts February 2016 and if at any time you don’t feel it is helping you, then feel free to opt-out at your convenience. Just sign up here and you will receive information to get started. Together, let’s rock 2016!!

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